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Project Director Jobs in Irrigation Department Sindh 2023

Posted May 16, 2023 Report Job
Job Type
Pay Range
50,000 - 60,000

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The Government of Sindh has received credit for a donor fund and intends to hire a Project Director for the flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project (SFERP) (Irrigation-Component) based in Karachi. The Project Director will provide efficient leadership and continuous support for effective implementation of the project. The individual must possess a Bachelor"s Degree in Civil Engineering from a recognized university and have more than 20 years of total experience in public sector organizations/departments including managing development projects. At least 5 years" experience of leadership as a project Director with international organizations e.g., World Bank, ADB, UN etc. is required. The individual must also have substantial experience in Irrigation sector projects/schemes and can demonstrate excellent financial, technical, procurement and management skills, especially in accordance with World Bank protocols/guidelines. Strong communications skills, with good expertise in the use of information technology skills are required. The individual must be fluent in written and oral English and Urdu and have documented experience in leading humanitarian assistance in a decision making role. The Project Director shall be responsible to implement the project as per the guidelines mutually agreed with World Bank and shall report to Secretary Irrigation, Government of Sindh. The selected individual will be offered a salary package/perks & privilege as per provision of budget provided by World Bank in Pakistani Rupees. The initial contract period will be for two years and further extendable only on need basis and subject to satisfactory performance. The individual must possess the Domicile/PRC of Sindh Province and should not be more than 65 years of age.

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Irrigation Department Sindh
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