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Allama Iqbal Open University Helping Materials, Past and Up-to-Date Papers

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is one of the oldest universities in Pakistan for regular as well as distance learning.

For the sake of easiness for students we bring past or old papers to the students for previous examinations online for different programs/disciplines. Past papers are a good and valuable source for the guess of upcoming examinations.

Here on our web all major subjects and disciplines papers are uploaded. Users can view the collection of updated past papers for matric, F.A, B.A, B.Ed, M.A, M.Ed, B.S, M.Sc or Diploma programs. Spring and Autumn old papers are separated into tables.

All subjects with both their semesters have almost past five years papers including major subjects like English, Islamiat, Urdu and Sociology.

Matric Programme Helping Material and Past Papers
Serial NoPrograms/LevelView
1SSC (Matric General)View
2Matric Dars-e-NizamiView
F.A / I.Com Programm Helping Material and Past Papers
Serial NoPrograms/LevelView
1Higher Secondary School Certificate (General Group) or F.A GeneralView
2Higher Secondary School Certificate (I.COM) For Comerce GroupView
3Higher Secondary School Certificate (Dars-E-Nazami Group)View
4Home and Health SciencesView
BS/BBA Programme Helping Material and Past Papers
Serial NoPrograms/LevelView
1BS in MicrobiologyView
2BS in Computer ScienceView
3BS MathematicsView
4BS PhysicsView
5BS StatisticsView
6BS ChemistryView
7BS Instructional Design & TechnologyView
8BS Library and Information SciencesView
9BS Mass CommunicationView
10Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)View
11B.S Enviromental SciencesView
12BS Islamic StudiesView
13BS ArabicView
14BS Accounting and FinanceView
15BS UrduView
16BS EnglishView
17BS Pakistan StudiesView
Associate Degrees Helping Material and Past Papers
Serial NoPrograms/LevelView
1Associate Degree in Business Administration (Islamic Banking)View
2Associate Degree in Business Administration (Human Resource Management)View
3Associate Degree in Business Administration (Marketing)View
4Associate Degree in Commerce (ADC)View
5Associate Degree in Education (ADE)View
MSc/MBA Programmes Helping Material and Past Papers
Serial NoPrograms/LevelView
1MSc MathematicsView
2MSc PhysicsView
3Msc Physics (B. Tech)View
4MSc StatisticsView
5MSc MicrobiologyView
6MSc Environmental ScienceView
7MSc BotanyView
8MSc EconomicsView
9MSc Pakistan StudiesView
10MSc SociologyView
11MSc Gender and Women StudiesView
12MSc Mass CommunicationView
13MSc Forestry ExtensionView
14MSc Sustainable Environmental DesignView
15MSc Public NutritionView
16MSc Administrative SciencesView
17MSc ChemistryView
18MSc (Hons) Agricultural ExtensionView
19MSc (Hons) Livestock ManagementView
20MSc (Hons) Rural DevelopmentView
21MBA Banking And Finance (B&F)View
22MBA Information Technology (IT)View
23MBA MarketingView
24MBA Banking And Finance (3.5 years) (B&F)View
25MBA Human Resource Management (3.5 years) (HRM)View
26MBA Information Technology (3.5 years) (IT)View
27MBA Marketing (3.5 years)View
28MBA Rural Management (3.5 years)View
29MBA Executive (COL MBA/MPA)View
30MSc Television Production ProgramView
31Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) In Educational Planning and Management (EPM)View
32Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) In Mass CommunicationView
33Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) In Gender & Women StudiesView
34MBA (Distance Education)View
35MS Environmental DesignView
36MS Computer ScienceView
37MS Management SciencesView
38MS Shari’AhView
39M.Sc Community Health and NutritionView
Bachelor Programmes Helping Material and Past Papers
Serial NoPrograms/LevelView
1B.Ed (1.5 Years)View
2B.Ed (2.5 Years)View
3B.Com (Associate Degree in Commerce)View
4Bachelor of Library and Information SciencesView
5Bachelor in Mass CommunicationView
6Bachelor of Arts (General Group)View
7B.A Dars-e-NizamiView
8B.Ed (4 years)View
9B.Ed Secondary Teacher Education (4 Years)View
10B.Sc Vision SciencesView
11B.Ed ArabicView
12B.Ed Specialization in Science EducationView
13B.Ed Elementary Teacher EducationView
14B.Ed Secondary Teacher EducationView
Masters Programmes Helping Material and Past Papers
Serial NoPrograms/LevelView
1M.Com (Accounting and Finance)View
2Master of Library & Information Sciences (MLIS)View
3MA HistoryView
4MA Distance and Non-Formal EducationView
5MA Education (Specialization in Teacher Education)View
6MA Special EducationView
7M.Ed In Distance & Non-Formal Education (DNFE)View
8M.Ed In Elementary Teacher Education (ETE)View
9M.Ed In Teacher EducationView
10M.Ed In Science EducationView
11M.Ed In Special EducationView
12MA ArabicView
13MA Islamic Studies (General)View
14MA Islamic Studies (Specialization in Quran and Tafseer)View
15MA Islamic Studies (Specialization in Hadith and Hadith Sciences)View
16MA Islamic Studies (Specialization in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence)View
17MA UrduView
18M.A Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)View
19MA Education Educational Planning & Management (EPM)View
Diploma Programmes Helping Material and Past Papers
Serial NoPrograms/LevelView
1Post Graduate Diploma (Human Resource Management)View
2Post Graduate Diploma (Supply Chain Management)View
3Post Graduate Diploma (Entrepreneurship)View
4Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) In Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)View
5Post Graduate Diploma In Computer ScienceView
6Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Early Childhood EducationView
7Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Educational Leadership and ManagementView
STEP/Courses Helping Material and Past Papers
Serial NoPrograms/LevelView
1Agricultural CoursesView
2Al Lisan Ur ArabiView
3STEP (Community Education)View
4STEP (Hotel Services)View
5STEP (Management Science)View
6STEP (Social Science)View
7Technical CoursesView
8Certificate of Teaching (CT)View
10Electrician CertificateView
11Lughatul QuranView
12Arabic Teachers Training Course (ATTC)View
13Open TechView
M.Phil Programmes Helping Material and Past Papers
Serial NoPrograms/LevelView
1M.Phil (Science Education)View
2M.Phil ArabicView
3M.Phil (Special Education)View
4M.Phil ChemistryView
5M.Phil EconomicsView
6M.Phil Education In Distance And Non-Formal Education (DNFE)View
7M.Phil Educational Planning & Management (EPM)View
8M.Phil HistoryView
9M.Phil in Pakistani Languages and LiteratureView
10M.Phil Iqbal StudiesView
11M.Phil Islamic Studies (General)View
12M.Phil Islamic Studies (Quran & Tafseer)View
13M.Phil Mass CommunicationView
14M.Phil MathView
15M.Phil PhysicsView
16M.Phil StatisticsView
17M.Phil Teacher EducationView
18M.Phil UrduView
19M.Phil Education (ETE)View
20M.Phil Food and NutritionView
Ph.D Programmes Helping Material and Past Papers
Serial NoPrograms/LevelView
1Ph.D in Pakistani Languages and Literature (M.Phil BASED)View
2Ph.D Iqbal StudiesView
3Ph.D UrduView
4Ph.D Education in Distance and Non-formal Education (DNFE)View
5Ph.D (Food & Nut)View
6Ph.D (Business Administration)View
7Ph.D StatisticsView
8Ph.D PhysicsView
9Ph.D Mass CommunicationView
10Ph.D in Agricultural ExtensionView
11Ph.D Teacher EducationView
12Ph.D Educational Planning & Management (EPM)View
13Ph.D Special Education (M.Phil based)View
14Ph.D ShariahView
15Ph.D Islamic Studies (Quran & Tafseer)View
16Ph.D Science EducationView
17Ph.D ChemistryView
18Ph.D Computer SciencesView
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