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Model Papers, Past Papers by Universities/BISE

Homepage for universities and BISE. Past papers are linked in their proper heirarchy. It is an important thing that all our past papers are regularly being updated. Every few days you might see an up to date version of this page.

All past papers for universities are categorized into their levels and then they are put under each subject. The simple hierarchy of the past papers allow users to easily navigate through their required information.

Explore past papers by universities/BISE from the subsequent table:

Assignments, MCQs, Model Papers and Past Papers by Universities/BISE
Serial NoUniversitiesView/Show
1CSS (Central Superior Services)View
2Allama Iqbal Open UniversityView
3Entry Test ExamsView
4Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE)View
5Punjab Public Service Comission (PPSC)View
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