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UHS MDCAT Past Papers | Entry Test

UHS past examination papers for MDCAT for 2008-2016 years for subject wise. We've grouped them in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, English and Biology. This test (MDCAT) is used for admission in medical universities like for MBBS, Dental doctors.\nOn this page we have brought past MDCAT papers for the upcoming exams. There are sample papers for each year categorized in their respective table.\nPlease chose past papers/sample model papers from the given table(s):\n

Physics Past Papers
Serial NoYear/SemesterView
1UHS MDCAT Physics 2016View
2UHS MDCAT Physics 2015View
3UHS MDCAT Physics 2013View
4UHS MDCAT Physics 2012View
5UHS MDCAT Physics 2011View
6UHS MDCAT Physics 2010View
7UHS MDCAT Physics 2008View
Biology Past Papers
Serial NoYear/SemesterView
1UHS MDCAT Biology 2016View
2UHS MDCAT Biology 2015View
3UHS MDCAT Biology 2013View
4UHS MDCAT Biology 2012View
5UHS MDCAT Biology 2011View
6UHS MDCAT Biology 2010View
7UHS MDCAT Biology 2008View
Chemistry Past Papers
Serial NoYear/SemesterView
1UHS MDCAT Chemistry 2016View
2UHS MDCAT Chemistry 2015View
3UHS MDCAT Chemistry 2013View
4UHS MDCAT Chemistry 2012View
5UHS MDCAT Chemistry 2011View
6UHS MDCAT Chemistry 2010View
7UHS MDCAT Chemistry 2008View
English Past Papers
Serial NoYear/SemesterView
1UHS MDCAT English 2016View
2UHS MDCAT English 2015View
3UHS MDCAT English 2013View
4UHS MDCAT English 2012View
5UHS MDCAT English 2011View
6UHS MDCAT English 2010View
7UHS MDCAT English 2008View
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