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UET ECAT Past Papers | Entry Test

University of Engineering and Technology (UET) has prepared entrance exam test for the students to get admission in engineering and other disciplines. This entry test exam is called ECAT exam for the pre-engineering students.

On this page we have brought past ECAT papers for the upcoming exams. There are sample papers for each year categorized in their respective table. Some of the papers also have their solved answer keys for the help of students.

ECAT previous exam papers show that they are MCQs type of papers for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and English.

Please chose past papers/sample model papers from the given table(s):

Past Papers
Serial NoYear/SemesterView
1UET ECAT 2019View
2UET ECAT 2017View
3UET ECAT 2016View
4UET ECAT 2015View
5UET ECAT 2014View
6UET ECAT 2013View
7UET ECAT 2011View
8UET ECAT 2010View
9UET ECAT 2009View
10UET ECAT 2008View
11UET ECAT 2007View
12UET ECAT 2006View
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