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B.Ed (2.5 Years) Past Papers | AIOU

B.Ed (2.5 Years) is a 2.5 having admissions for spring and autumn semesters in January and July respectively. AIOU provides subjects along with their code numbers in different courses and diplomas. We also have categorized our past papers for subjects under suitable program or disciplines.Different course like matric, FA, BA, B.Ed, MA, M.Ed and other science programs like BS and MS are having different subjects. Popular subjects like Urdu, Islamiat and English are having previous 5 years papers.Each discipline is being updated regularly for the latest and updated papers after every examination.View subjects from the table to view papers:

All Subjects Helping Material and Past Papers
Serial NoSubjectsView
1Child Growth and Education (1651)View
2Teaching of Pakistan Studies (517)View
3Educational Psychology (518)View
4Teaching of English (519)View
5Basics of ICT (5403)View
6General Math and Statistics (6401)View
7Foundation of Science Education (6435)View
8Assessment in Science Education (6436)View
9Teaching Strategies in Science Education (6437)View
10Physics-I (6441)View
11Mathematics-I (6446)View
12Biology-I (6451)View
13Chemistry-I (6456)View
14Basics of Technical English (6465)View
15Comparative Education (6466)View
16English-I (6468)View
17English Content-II (6469)View
18English-III (6470)View
19English-IV (6471)View
20Islamic Studies-I (6473)View
21Islamic Studies-II (6474)View
22Islamic Studies-III (6475)View
23Islamic Studies-IV (6476)View
24Urdu-I (6478)View
25Urdu-II (Nazm-o-Nasr) (6479)View
26Urdu-III (Urdu Shari Adab) (6480)View
27Pakistan Studies-I (6488)View
28Muslim Struggle in British India (6489)View
29Political and Constitutional Evolution in Pakistan (6490)View
30Pedagogy Teaching of Urdu (6494)View
31Teaching of Home Economics (6496)View
32Teaching of Islamic Studies (6497)View
33General Methods of Teaching (Professional) (8601)View
34Educational Assessment and Evaluation (Professional) (8602)View
35Curriculum Development (Foundation) (8603)View
36Research Methods in Education (Professional) (8604)View
37Educational Leadership and Management (Professional) (8605)View
38Citizenship Education and Community Engagement (8606)View
39Philosophy of Education (Foundation) (8609)View
40Human Development and Learning (Foundation) (8610)View
41Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices (Professional) (8611)View
42Professionalism in Teaching (Professional) (8612)View
43Educational Statistics (Professional) (8614)View
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