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AIOU Result Problems and their Solutions

Students of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) have been reporting enormous problems in the recent examination system which we'll today address those problems with their solutions. Students have problems with the results like R/E, R/W, A R/E, and Fail. We'll talk about possible reasons and their fix. If you are failed due to some error by the university you can complain about it and send them proof to make proper changes to your examination result.

In this article, you'll also learn to apply for a correction in result and methods to apply for a re-admission in case of "Fail" or "F". We'd like to inform you about the latest fee structure for all those applications. Also, some of the most asked questions by the students will be covered.

Students are not aware of all these terms (F, R/E, R/W, etc). So, we must make them aware before moving into their fix.

Result Terms (R/E, R/W) and Solution

Results terms need to understand first because they will determine how to fix the problem. R/E (re-appear in the exam) and R/W (re-appear in the workshop) are similar problems, also they need to solve similarly.

Re-Appear in Exam (R/E)

If the student is failed the exam or the assignment "R/E" is written on the result card. Here, you'll know how to apply for R/E and pay the fee.

Students should not mix "R/E or R/W" and "F" because AIOU does not fail (F) the students unless they are failed 3 times in the final term exam or assignments.

Method to Solve R/E: To re-appear in the examination students don't need to apply. All the "R/E" subjects will be added to the next semester's date sheet with their exam dates. But, they need to pay for a re-appearing fee through bank challan.

R/E (Re-Appear in Exam) Fee

The re-appear fee can be paid during the semester or at the end of the degree. The fee for re-appearing in the exam or workshop is updated by the university as follow:

AIOU re-appear fee for different programs

Download the challan form from the university website ( and fill in all information. Please make sure "Select Category" is set to "Reappear Exam Fee" and your program is selected correctly. You can print the challan and pay your fee in the bank. Below is the link for assistance.

Online challan form generation for AIOU

Note: Keep paid student copy of challan form safe otherwise you'll need to pay the fee once again during the degree application. You don't need to send the paid challan copy to the university!

Form and Fee for Re-Appear in Workshop (R/W)

"R/W" appears on your result card if you have not attended your workshop.

Solution for R/W (Re-Appear in Workshop): Students are required to submit the re-appear form in their regional office to appear in the workshop the following semester. The fee for re-appearing in a workshop is the same as that of the re-appear fee for exams. Here are the steps for re-appearing in the workshop:

Note: Keep paid student copy of your challan form safe otherwise you'll need to pay the fee once again during the degree application.

Application Process for

Failed (F) will only be written to the result card if the student:

  • Failed to submit assignments 3 times
  • Absent in workshop 3 times
  • Failed in an exam paper 3 times
Failed means the student can't re-appear in the next semester's examination. A re-admission is required to appear in the failed exams.

Go to ( press "Enrolment for Continuing Students" and fill the application for your failed subjects. The re-admission process is the same as that of admission during a program in AIOU.

Solution for Common Problems/Errors by the University

There are many problems during the ongoing health situations and changing requirements of distance learning. Students are facing problems counting their assignments and final term exam papers numbers. Here are some of the solutions:

Assignment/Paper Marks not Added in Result

This is one of the most common problems in the AIOU that sometimes assignments and papers marks are not included in the final result card. You can send a revision form to AIOU and hopefully, your problem will be solved. Follow these steps for submission of the revision form:

  • Download the revision form (
  • Fill in required information by writing your roll number, a semester as (Spring/Autumn {current_year}
  • Attach the documents written on the revision form
  • In case you have proof (Post, TCS, etc), just attach a copy with it!
  • Submit the revision application to AIOU main campus
  • Fast and Easy Solution: Fill in an online complaint with your scanned revision application copy on (

Result Late (R/L)

University marks with "R/L" in case your dues are unpaid. For example, if you have paid a partial fee for your semester "R/L" would appear on your result card.

To solve this problem just contact your bank for a transaction ID or pay the remaining fee on a challan paper. Once you have a transaction ID or paid challan; send them to AIOU with your result revision form (check the previous section for revision form).

Contacts for Help

In case you don't find help anywhere contact AIOU regional campus. Follow the link below and find your regional campus phone number:

If your query is not addressed via the phone number, post a complaint on the website (

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