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UET Aggregate/Merit Calculator 2024 (Updated)

UET merit/aggregate calculator with updated criteria.

Every year University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore conducts the ECAT examination as an entrance test for students to award admissions in bachelor programs for limited seats on a pure merit basis. Merit is calculated by aggregating percentage marks obtained in previous academic levels (FSc, Matric, O-Level, A-Level, etc).

According to admissions during COVID-19 the merit formula was changed for students. Here we have also implemented an aggregate calculator for old and new merit schemes.

  • New Calculator
  • Old Calculator (During COVID)
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We've split down intermediate, matric, and ECAT numbers separately which sum up to total aggregate or merit.

Aggregate Criteria (Merit Formula)

As of you 2020 (during COVID-19), UET has changed the merit criteria basing on Inter Part-I (or equivalent), matric, and ECAT with the following percentages:

  • 45% Intermediate Part-I (or equivalent) marks
  • 25% Matric (or equivalent) marks
  • 30% ECAT marks

But there is a greater probability that UET will revert to the original old criteria which are as follow:

  • 70% Intermediate (or equivalent) marks
  • 30% ECAT marks

Hafiz-e-Quran Marks in Merit

UET admires Hafiz-e-Quran (حافظ قرآن) by rewarding them marks (0-20) after conducting the Hafiz-e-Quran test on campus. Simply these marks (out of 20) are added up in Intermediate marks. If you want to calculate your aggregate by including Hafiz-e-Quran marks just add them to your intermediate marks.

How Merit is Calculated?

According to the latest formula, merit is the sum of percentages multiplied by their wattages. The formula is as follow (in the picture):

Latest and updated UET merit/aggregate formula.

Passing/Eligibility Criteria

As such, there are no criteria for passing in the calculated merit. But according to official guidelines and rules candidates should have at least 60% marks in FSc/ICS/ICOM (or equivalent) exam for admission eligibility.

Total ECAT Marks

UET ECAT has a total of 400 marks (100 questions) with no passing marks (explicitly) required. It also has a negative marking system for a wrong answer. For every wrong question, 0.25 will be negated out of your total marks while a correct answer will add up 4 marks.

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