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COMSATS Aggregate Calculator 2024 (Updated)

The aggregate/merit is calculated based on FSc, Matric, and NTS test for graduate admissions. This merit calculator is valid for both, engineering and CS/IT programs.

Inter/FSc obtained Marks
Inter/FSc total Marks
Matric obtained Marks
Matric total Marks
NTS-NAT obtained Marks
NTS-NAT total Marks
Your Percentage:
Inter Numbers
Matric Numbers
NTS Numbers

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Aggregate Formula 2024 (Merit Criteria)

In the merit calculation matric, inter, and NTC test marks are counted as the following percentage:

  • NTS-NAT: 50%
  • Intermediate: 40%
  • Matric: 10%

It is important to note that 50% marks in NTS and intermediate are compulsory for admission as eligibility criteria.

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