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Learn Double Lock Stitch Hand Embroidery in 3 Simple Steps

double lock stitch full

Double lock stitch is an enhanced form of lock stitch having a chain-like structure giving a charming and beautiful look to the cloth surface. We'll go through each step to learn you double lock stitch in a written and video format.

This is a step-by-step hand embroidery tutorial in minimum stitches to teach you easily. You can move through the sections anytime.

Here, we've compiled a video to show you how you can fill a flower with a double lock stitch.

Stitch Straight Lines

double lock stitch step 1

Draw simple straight lines with the needle and thread as shown in the picture above. As the lines are straight and parallel to each other and they are having equal distances in between them. It'll increase the beautiful look of this hand embroidery.

If the lines to be filled are not perfectly straight you can tilt a little bit with equal distances as shown.

Lace Stitches by Twirling

double lock stitch step 2

Move your need under the parallel stitches as shown in the figure and repeat it for all stitches. It is just twirling your needle, you don't necessarily need to insert your needle through the fabric of the cloth.

double lock stitch step 2

A chain-like structure will start appearing. But this is just a one-sided chain. What about the other side? Do the same thing as shown in the next section :)

Twirl Other Side

double lock stitch step 2

Just move your needle the same way as in the previous step and it'll start forming a beautiful chain-like structure.

You can watch video where you can visually see all the steps I explained here!

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